Solidary pack - Monólogo


We created a SOLIDARY PACK composed by 3 Monólogo. Select 3 Monólogo according to your preference from the varities Avesso, Arinto, Chardonnay, Malvasia Fina and Sauvignon Blanc. Pick the varieties you like best and enjoy!

By buying a Solidary Pack you are contributing 10% of its value to the Public Hospitals of Portugal. Be solidary!



Monólogo Avesso P67

A monovarietal Avesso made in our estate Quinta de Santa Teresa with sustainable and organic certified practices. Avesso is our star variety and the native variety of our region - Baião.

Monólogo Arinto P24

This 100% Arinto is made with grapes from the vineyards of our parcel P24. With great tension on the palate and focused precision this is a great Arinto from Baião.

Monólogo Chardonnay P706

Made from grapes in our estate Quinta dos Espinhosos this organic, unoaked Chardonnay expresses very well the freshness and character of the granitic soils it comes from.

Monólogo Malvasia Fina P70

Malvasia Fina is a typical variety from Douro, and this is the only Vinho Verde made from this grape. Its a delicate wine, smooth and with a silky texture on the palate.

Monólogo Sauvignon Blanc P704

This Sauvignon Blanc, whose vineyards are located in Quinta dos Espinhosos, transmits the freshness and exuberant profile of this variety resulting in a wine with finesse and exquisite aromas.